'Everleigh Flourish' Furniture Mould

'Everleigh Flourish' Furniture Mould


New to Claire’s CraftHouse, we’re delighted to introduce these fabulous furniture moulds -even more possibilities to customise your furniture pieces.

These reusable, heat resistant silicone moulds offer endless creativity with unique & detailed pieces. Use them with paper clay, ceramic clay, resin and more. They are even food safe and heat resistant.

Mould measures 20cm x 13cm (8” x 5”) If you require more detailed measurements of the individual mould pieces before purchasing please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

How To Use Your Mould:
- There are a number of different mediums you can use to fill your mould - the one you choose will dictate how you do this, for instance resins are poured in, whilst clay mediums are pushed in manually. Follow the instructions on the particular product you’re using.

- Some things to bear in mind are to pay attention to the detailing in your mould - when using clay, start filling the mold with little pieces first, making sure that you’ve pushed it down into the smallest and most detailed areas of the mold. Using a large chunk and just pressing it in may well end up in some of the detailing not being filled and a less than perfect impression when you remove your casting.

- Once filled, tidy up edges using a knife or similar blade tool. You’ll need a completely flat surface so that your mould will adhere completely to your project without gaps.

- Take care when removing your cast from the mould - some designs are fragile with fine details. Remember your mould is flexible so manipulate the mould to release the cast rather than digging it out. Work from the outside of your mould towards the centre.

- If you will be using your moulded piece on a curved area of your furniture piece, ensure you select a medium that can be heated up and bent to shape - resin is excellent.

- Best of all … experiment! There’s no substitute to jumping in and having a go; you’ll learn loads and have lots of fun along the way!

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