Fusion March Colour Story

With Spring around the corner, this month we’re inspired by Algonquin, Plaster, Raw Silk, Prairie Sunset and Mustard.

March’s Colour Story from Fusion Mineral Paint is inspired by what else? Spring! We wanted to use this month’s colour story to forget about winter and focus on what’s next – warmer weather and lots of sunshine! Cue the bright colours! The yellows that remind us of flowers blooming and the light neutrals that keep everything clean and bright. March’s Colour Story from Fusion Mineral Paint is sure to brighten up your mood.


Yellow is associated with happiness and that’s exactly how we feel when we look at March’s Colour Story. It has everyone’s favourite off white – Raw Silk – plus some great warm neutrals: Algonquin and Plaster. With that extra hit of Prairie Sunset and Mustard, this palette keeps us warm and happy inside, even when the wind is howling outside!

We know yellow is often a difficult colour for people to integrate into their decor, but we can learn a lot from February’s colour palette in terms of adding it in as an accent colour. In the image of March’s Colour Story, you can find a Prairie Sunset accent in the daffodils, the throw and the toss pillows on the couch. Mustard gets a statement piece, but that’s because Mustard is actually a little bit closer to a neutral than Prairie Sunset, so you can do a bit more with it like the chair in the photo. Then we have warm neutrals to complement the yellows, in Algonquin, Raw Silk and Plaster.

Explore The Colours


Our most popular deep taupe tends to change its colour tone depending on the lighting situation. This earthy tone can be paired with various colours to add depth to any piece. Algonquin is a sophisticated and humble neutral that can give any other colour the spotlight, but can also grab the attention when added to the right piece.


This colour is a generously soft sand, not too white and not quite beige.  A beautiful neutral for anywhere in your home. Plaster is a calm off white that is the perfect subtle addition to any palette. 


A warm white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey. This white adds a sense of simplicity in every element and it’s easily one of Fusion’s top selling colours. It is the most neutral off-white you could ever find, matches just about everything and fits into any design aesthetic.



Our cheerful warm yellow, Prairie Sunset is so vibrant yet flexible enough that it can be used with just about any other colour.


Warm and golden, this tarnished gold adds luxury, depth and character to any piece. Mustard is a rich, deep yellow, and can almost be considered a jewel tone. It is perfect as both a bold statement and as a darker neutral.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s Fusion™ Colour Story. Each month we will be featuring a new beautiful image matched up with a palette of Fusion™ colours, all to inspire you to Paint it Beautiful and give you some great colour combination ideas for your next project. We hope you love it as much as we do - see you in April for the next Fusion™ Colour Story.