Fusion™ January Colour Story

This month’s Colour Story is simply stunning - Bayberry, Lichen, Raw Silk and Sterling. January's Colour Story gets 2019 underway by showcasing some of Fusion’s™ most popular colours at the moment.

The natural earthy green tones of Bayberry and Lichen are on everyone's must have list, whilst Raw Silk is the most popular white in the collection. And finally, Sterling brings in that cool, light grey hue that ties it all together.

We were looking for something fresh and simple, wanting to spread a theme of keeping our lives simpler. January is about refreshing after the busy festive period and often sets the tone for the rest of the year. This colour story gives us the idea of a clear and collected head space and minimalism in our place of work so we can focus on what we need to focus on. We wanted a natural element to remind ourselves to stick with what we know best and what comes natural to us.

Many of the projects we see Bayberry and Lichen used on are very warm and cosy, which is great, but we wanted to show you something a little different!  That is, how to pair them with cooler colours like Sterling. We often also see these greens and Raw Silk used in a vintage decor inspired settings but this shows you how they can be modern too! Drawing upon real life elements from this beautiful living room scene, you can see how Fusion™ paint colours really come to life in the plants, decor and furniture.

Each month we will be featuring a new beautiful image matched up with a palette of Fusion™colours, all to inspire you to Paint it Beautiful and give you some great colour combination ideas for your next project. We hope you love it as much as we do - see you in February for the next Fusion™Colour Story.


Explore The Colours


A deep muted olive green, vintage in nature, Bayberry is stunning on its own or accompanied. This is an impressive deep muted green that adds an edge of nature.


Drawn from nature, Lichen’s grey-green tones are soft, subtle and soothing.


A warm old white with barely a hint of yellow and just a touch of grey, Raw Silk is the colour of newly formed silk – the perfect off white, it adds a sense of simplicity in every element.


A cool, neutral grey, Sterling goes well with reds, yellows, and whites. Aesthetically calming – it can also be used as a base coat when transitioning from darker to light colours.