NEW! Sketched Roses Worry Box

NEW! Sketched Roses Worry Box

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NEW! This item can now be personalised with a name on the lid.
**Please note that placement of imagery will vary from box to box**

Having suffered from insomnia when I was younger, I came up with this idea – the “worry box”. I personally found that writing things down before I went to sleep, or even mid-way through the night when I woke and couldn't get back to sleep, was instrumental in helping me beat my insomnia and night-time worrying. 

Sometimes articulating worries but by putting pen to paper helps to put it in perspective. So that's the basis for my worry box...

It has a delicate pastel pink sketched roses design on the lid, with a choice of verses on the inside of the lid for those that believe in fairies - fairy charm verse - and those that don’t - heart charm verse - and some papers for writing on. Older children may want to do it privately on their own and younger ones might do it with mummy/daddy or someone else they feel close to.

Measures: 10cm x 10cm x 3cm

Handmade with Love by Claire's CraftHouse in England ♥

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