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Top 10 Fusion™ Facts

Find out what makes Fusion™ Mineral Paint a truly unique paint for all your furniture and kitchen projects.


Fact 1 - Fusion™ is not a chalk paint!

You can still achieve many of the effects that we all know and love about chalk paint, but Fusion™ is in fact a mineral paint, made up of 100% pure acrylic resin and natural minerals, which give it its amazing depth of colour. So what does this mean? Quite simply, it means Fusion™ gives a superior super smooth matte finish, perfect for contemporary clean lines, as well as a highly durable finish.

Fact 2 - Unrivalled Durability – No Waxing or Top Coat Required

Fusion’s 100% pure acrylic resin content creates a waterproof, non-porous surface that is so durable and hard-wearing, it is even suitable for use on exterior projects such as front doors or garden furniture, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

Known as a ‘foundation-to-finish’ paint it requires no primer or top coat for most applications. That’s not to say you can’t use waxes to create amazing decorative effects on your pieces (and the Fusion™ range of products includes a fabulous choice of waxes from black to pearl and even rose gold), but you do not have to wax or seal for the sake of durability. Once the paint has cured (allow 21 days after painting) Fusion™ is scratch-resistant, waterproof, stain resistant and washable.

Fact 3 - Self-Levelling

How many times have you been frustrated by difficulties getting the super smooth finish you’re after on your projects? With Fusion™ it’s actually easy to achieve. The paint is not as thick as many furniture paints – chalk paints in particular – and it self-levels on application, working with you rather than against you in achieving that smooth, flawless finish. For those who like a bit of texture, try Fresco, a powder that can be added to the paint in any quantity desired to give a textured finish. The Fusion™ range really does cater to all tastes and styles.

Fact 4 - Minimal Prep

Fusion’s fantastic adhesion – another result of the 100% acrylic resin used in its production – means that the paint can go on many surfaces with minimal prep work. However, it’s well worth doing the prep work correctly so that your creation will stand the test of time.

- Always clean your furniture piece thoroughly – Fusion’s TSP is an excellent phosphate-free organic degreaser.

- If your surface is shiny, you need to do a ‘scuff sand’ – you’re not trying to remove the surface substrate, just give a key for the paint to bind to.

- Pieces that have been previously waxed need a little more attention – use white spirit to clean off the wax and then wash off and clean thoroughly.

Fact 5 - Water Based

Fusion™ is a water-based paint, so it’s still super easy to clear up after your painting sessions – warm soapy water to clean your brushes (or better still, our Brush Soap is ideal to help keep your precious paint brushes in tip top condition, not to mention your hands with its 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients!)

Fact 6 - A Little Goes a Long Way

Sold in 37ml tester pots and 500ml containers, Fusion’s coverage is excellent. A 500ml pot will cover approximately 7 square meters (75 sq ft), which is plenty for a sizeable sideboard or several smaller projects.

Fact 7 - Large Supporting Range of Decorative Effect Products

One of the truly exciting things about the Fusion™ Mineral Paint range is its amazing suite of products for creating decorative finishes.

From fantastic metallics, paint thickening mediums, coloured waxes and glazes, to embossing pastes and decoupage/image transfer mediums, there is so much to experiment with. You’ll be forever finding new ways to create a wow factor on your furniture projects.

If you’d like to explore and learn more about these products, why not take a Fusion™ workshop with us and we’ll introduce you to a whole new world of furniture refinishing possibilities.

Fact 8 - Seven Year Shelf Life

Testament to its top quality ingredients, once opened Fusion™ can last up to seven years and will not dry up, separate or ‘go off’, provided the container is correctly resealed to maintain airtightness. The paint can even freeze/thaw up to three times before the quality is affected.

Fact 9 - No Nasties

Fusion™ is made by a company with an impeccable track record in eco-responsible paint production (even the paint containers are made in-house with the environment in mind). Fusion™ paint itself is non-toxic, lead free, virtually odourless, near-zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) and free of other chemicals commonly used in paint production, such as ammonia and formaldehyde. It is safety certified for use on children’s furniture and toys.

Fact 10 - Fusion™ Has History

Fusion™ was developed by Homestead House Paint Co, a Canadian-based, family run company that has been providing high quality, non-toxic paints across North America since 1988. 25 Years of development, testing and refining culminated in the creation of Fusion™ Mineral Paint, which is now taking the UK and other territories by storm. Fusion™ is fast becoming the choice of professional furniture refinishers, which speaks volumes for its quality and long-term durability.